We specialize in contract filling and packaging and private branding for clients.


We specialize in all non-food grade products ranging from 50ml to 1Lt bottles.


We heat shrink sleeves onto aerosol cans and plastic bottles.

The aerosol machines at ACP are configured to allow for
the simultaneous filling of different products.

The gas lines are cross-configured which means that if one machine is taken off-line for repairs then production will not be affected on the other line. Our flexible machine set up allows for the filling of a variety of gasses such as propane, CB40, CB62, DME, 134A & CO2.This versatility hasbrought us many new avenues for filling a niche market of products.

Our machine is capable of filling both liquids
& creams from 50ml to 1Lt.

ACP Packaging is currently filling mainly accessory products for the Shoe Industry. In addition we have a 300Lt mixing tank which is used for mixing products like wash & wax & antifreeze.

ACP Packaging’s Machine can handle shrinking

PET sleeves onto
any size bottle ranging from 50ml up to 1Lts in size.

This line is currently running the Radox bath salts contract & in the past 10 months we have shrunk over 500 000 units. There is spare capacity to comfortably run over 3 million units through this machine per annum and a night shift is available when needed.